Rule book

We are pleased to welcome you to the Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30”.
We invite you to review our Rules of Procedure.
The behaviors to be observed in Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30” are not only those enshrined in law, but especially those dictated by common sense and mutual respect.

  1. E ‘possible to check-in between the hours of 12 am and 5 pm.
    Applicants are asked to communicate their estimated time of arrival as well as any delays, the morning of the same day of arrival.
    Customers are invited, upon arrival, to provide an identity document valid for the registration in accordance with applicable provisions of law and stabilizing the same time, payment of the booked stay.
    They shall be made in cash or by means of electronic circuits.
    In the absence of a document we do not ns. despite its present state.
    The price for the stay in the Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30” includes the use of the room with private bathroom, the reorganization and daily cleaning, breakfast, use of the TV, WI-FI connection, the provision of towels and sheets, the use of all bathroom amenities, air conditioning in the room, heating, free parking dell ‘car / motorcycle in a courtyard of the subject to seat availability structure and operating conditions of the vehicle.
    In exceptional cases, upon request, check-in takes place at different times agreed upon booking with the guest.
    Your registration data will be processed in accordance with existing privacy laws, subject to the terms and conditions on this web site, and for purposes relating to our business.
    They will not be diffusione.Per the entry and exit from the structure there are no schedules to meet Guest can come and go as they please.
    In addition to the key of the door, the front door key will also be delivered and, on request, the remote control of the electronic gate to have full freedom of movement.
    Each guest must take the utmost care of the delivered keys and return them upon departure.
    In the case of lost keys, and/or the remote control, there will be a compensation.
    The loss will be felt quickly the direction of Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30”.
  2. The Check-out is by 10 am the day of departure.
    It’s possible to prolong the time of check-out in the afternoon with a surcharge of 40 €.
  3. You can reserve by phone or e-mail.
    You will receive from us confirmation of your reservation, together with all information related to Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30” and the advance mode to be sent by bank transfer or commercial code, representing 30% of the stay.
    The rest of the amount will be paid upon arrival at the Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30”, the first to collect keys.
    If you are forced to cancel the booking, you must send a written notice, by email, to our Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30”.
    For cancellations made more than seven days from the date of arrival, no fee will be charged.
    For cancellations made less than seven days from the date of arrival or in case of no-show, you will be charged the full amount of the reservation. If for any reason you decide to leave early during your stay, we will be forced to charge the full amount of the reservation, without exception.
    By law the Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30” not being of commercial activities, are not required to issue any tax document. To prove the payment, it is issued a no tax receipt stating the amount and the data of your stay.
    Prices vary according to season and the period of stay.
    The following prices, differentiated between low and high season are per room, per night, including breakfast.
    In them it is not included the city tax, established by the city of Salerno in the amount of 1 euro per person per day. For stays longer than 5 nights without a break there is a maximum of 5 euro.
  4. It is not allowed guests to access other people inside the Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30” at any time, for Public Security reasons.
  5. The cleaning of the rooms and services are carried out every day. Therefore must be vacated by 10.30 am to allow the tidying and daily cleaning. Please have your belongings in order to enable it. Besides these times it is not ensured that the daily cleaning will be carried out the next day. The towels will be changed on request, or if placed in the sink, (the ones hanging will not be replaced). Bed linens are changed every three days, barring any requests for specific cases and in any case at every change of host. The structure is separate trash and it is recommended to use the appropriate containers.
  6. Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 9:30. Outside of that time, it is forbidden to eat in the breakfast room, while in the rooms is always forbidden to consume meals. Guests are requested to inform before arrival any intolerances or specific requests.
  7. Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the premises.
  8. Are allowed small pets provided they are constantly supervised by the owners; It is forbidden to leave pets unattended in the building. Pets of small size guest, introduced at the specific request and authorization, remain always only under the same guest’s responsibility who will respond completely oblivious that they do not disturb other guests present in the structure. The owner must be provided in their own related support equipment for the bed and the animal’s needs. If the guest fails to comply with the regulation in its entirety, we reserve the right to terminate, according to the applicable contract law, your stay in our Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30”.
  9. For the WIFI must be asked for a password for access to the management.
  10. According to the Rule book of Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30” and the rules of the Municipal Police is required to observe silence during the hours between 2 pm and 4 pm and from 10 pm to 8 am. Do not disturb other guests during access in their rooms; in your room you have to keep down the tone of your voice and the TV. In any case there must be a behavior that in any moment of the day damage the tranquility of others.
  11. Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30”accepts no responsibility for loss, theft or damage of your property objects left in the rooms, bathrooms and public areas, and for any damage to persons or property to or from third. Any damage must be reported immediately to the manager of the house and compensated.
  12. Children must be accompanied and supervised by an adult, in a particular way outside the house
  13. It’s prohibited in the room turn on your stove and connected to the electrical system
    any appliance brought in tow, (except electric razor to the bathroom sockets).
  14. It’s absolutely not permitted to bring alcohol, substances whose consumption is forbidden by Law, weapons of any kind. It is absolutely not allowed to enter the facility while intoxicated or in a state of mental impairment caused by drugs or medications.
    It is recommended that a correct and civil use of the toilets, not throwing anything in the W.C. (Use the appropriate bins). Inside the bedroom or the bathroom you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, personal hygiene products. For any other needs please feel free to ask, we will try to satisfy you. In addition it is recommended to turn off lights and air conditioners every time you leave the room, or attempt to close balconies, windows, doors, access gate and pedestrian gate.
    Before you confirm your booking by email, we invite guests to take vision of our internal regulations and to highlight the acceptance in writing. Therefore all the reservations, even those devoid of reading and acceptance confirmation, will be deemed to comply with the other Assent.
    Every guest has the full responsibility for any crime committed, provided by the Civil Code and the Criminal and for any damage caused to the structure and furnishings present in the room and common areas.
    The a courtyard and the entrance area of the building are equipped with a video surveillance system, managed and controlled exclusively by the Management of Bed & Breakfast “VIATRENTO30” with respect to safety.
    The movies can be viewed only by the competent authority.

Some of your cooperation, we thank you for choosing our hotel and wish you a peaceful and happy holiday.

Last updated: 01/12/2016